Legal Services & Projects

Sharon is an experienced ethical supply chain, commercial and contracts lawyer, who worked in two US law firms and an English law firm during her ten year career in the city before starting work as a sole counsel for clients and support to other legal consulting companies to assist in their in-house commercial and ethical supply chain needs.

Sharon attained extensive experience as a mid-level and senior associate at Dewey LeBeouf and Hogans Lovells on a number of corporate transactions including the acquisition of LDV by the Gaz Group and a number of Sheraton hotels by Host Hotels LLC. At both these firms and Bristows, Sharon particularly worked on a wide range of UK and international business matters and her experience encompasses commercial contracts, pharmaceutical regulatory, joint ventures, corporate transactions, advertising and marketing, e-commerce, franchising, agency and distribution matters.

In her current capacity, Sharon’s practical approach helps clients to effectively manage their legal affairs, so they can focus on achieving their business objectives and minimise risk. She is also proficient in supply chain transparency matters and assists clients with their ethical and modern slavery issues.

She is also one of the co-authors of “Business Terms and Conditions” (a Lawpack e-kit). It is a practical guide that provides businesses with guidance and background information to help them understand the key elements in business terms and conditions as well as the fundamental points of negotiation in respect of both business-to-business and business-to-customer contracts.

Project Assistance

With the ever- growing global population and diminishing resources, governments are looking to provide their communities with sustainable solutions. Sharon is part of a co-operation that endeavours to assist on renewable energy and environmental protection projects at a community level. The group is committed to working on projects which reduce fuel poverty, encourage social development and improvement in communities and reduce global emissions and local environmental degradation. The group looks specifically at India and China but is also working on projects in the UK with respect to solar assistance and generation of energy in the UK.