Sharon Benning-Prince provides legal expertise and commercial insight attained from 10 years working in city law firms.

Since 2008, Sharon has worked with various companies as an outsourced, in-house legal counsel facilitating such companies with respect to their contract needs and transaction assistance, additionally forging strong relationships with senior management and providing sound and practical commercial solutions. She assists companies on both their commercial and supply chain transparency requirements and was the lead lawyer with Primark in relation to the Rana Plaza collapse compensation scheme and ethical supply chain agreements.

She has relationships with non-governmental organisations and sits as trustee on an UK anti-trafficking charity (Medaille Trust) and trafficking survivor creative therapy charity (Talitha Arts) and provides pro-bono assistance to International Justice Mission (an international anti-trafficking charity).

She has further authored several guidance papers and toolkits in respect of due diligence guidance for investors and shareholders and the drafting of codes of conduct and anti-slavery wording.

Sharon can assist where a company does not require a full-time in-house counsel but still has legal needs. For further information on Sharon’s experience please download her CV.

Sharon also has an interest in global sustainable projects and is part of an independent multidisciplinary advisory group whose prime objective is to support community level renewable energy and environmental protection projects.

The group is committed to working on projects which encourage social development and improvement in communities and reduce global emissions and local environmental degradation.

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